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Updated 11/4/2014

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Half hood deployment

 video here.

Please note this site is no longer regularly maintained. Our Current website is www.softbitsshop.co.uk. Please refer to softbitsshop for up to date product and price information. We look forward to seeing you there………..

Welcome to Soft Bits for Sevens!

The Original designer and manufacturer of specialist accessories for the Seven fraternity

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site.

We are delighted to offer our unique range of accessories for Caterham and other  ‘Sevens’ as well as a range of fasteners including

Dot, lift a dot and Tenax

The perfect gift for the Caterham owner who has everything!

Exciting new product range on softbitsshop here

Softbits now have a new workshop and a new phone number  07856 603969