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Updated 11/4/2014

home _wp_generated/wpbf1630b0.png rearattachmentofthestraps.jpg rearstrapsattachinginboot.jpg First fit the fittings along the wind screen edge as normal View of rear stays in the boot lockablepopper.jpg newfittingonbootcover.jpg sidebandattachingtobootcover.jpg The pictures left shows the replacement stud above the wheel arch.  If you need to use the hood in a hurry we recommend you tuck the boot cover under itself and fit the side popper band directly on to the car. This shows the new back to back stud fitted on the out side of the boot cover This shows new side popper band from half hood attached This is a schematic drawing of the replacement boot cover fittings. Please click to enlarge The outer stud and locking socket are fitted using the tool provided. Click here to see a video.