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Updated 11/4/2014

home Lockable Press studs supplied to go on the leading edge of each half door. ensuring it  will not come off.  (Also Available separately) luegohalfdoor20k.jpg _wp_generated/wp77b8fe88.png steve1.jpg halfheightsmall.jpg _wp_generated/wp1beb509f.png All Half doors are supplied with high security fittings kit  (including tool) and high quality GRP stiffening strip. Popular with racers and tourers alike giving the best in visibility,  air flow and (if necessary) keeping the mud off! ....half doors as tested at the Nurburgring!   125 mph, sub 8:30 laps and absolutely    no problems what so ever!      Fabulous.   Nick Oak Buy high security fittings

Half Doors

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